Parking Garage Update

On September 11th, the Board of Alderman held a special meeting. At the meeting, the Board developed a path forward with the construction of the Downtown Parking Garage. Ultimately, the Board chose to rescind the bid from the contractor and immediately open the parking lot to the public.

Since that time, the contractor was able to secure the payment and performance bond. On September 18th, the Board reconsidered the issue and voted to reinstate the contractor. City officials have decided to move forward immediately with the construction of the garage. The garage will resume construction Monday morning (9/24) with the installation of the construction fence. Installation of temporary shoring will begin on Wednesday 26th. Demolition of the existing parking lot will begin Thursday, September 27th.

Throughout the construction of the garage temporary parking lots are available for free long-term parking. As always, we encourage interested citizens to attend our Downtown Parking Advisory Commission meetings the first Friday of every month at 9 am. Keeping citizens and businesses informed will remain a priority. Please direct all questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (662) 238-2793.