Curbside Recycling Signup

Curbside Recycling Signup

Join us in recycling for Oxford! If you miss your pickup, recycling drop-off locations are available. Bins are available for each recyclable: Aluminum and steel cans, mixed paper, newspapers, plastic and cardboard. There are drop-off locations at the following sites:
  1. Municipal Center (City Shop) on Molly Barr Road beside the police station
  2. Highway 7 South next to Oxford Fire Station #3
  3. Recycling Center at the City of Oxford Landfill on County Road 321 (Pea Ridge Road)

Curbside Recycling Signup
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The bins are $21.00 per household/set and $10.50 for each additional bin.
You must pick up your bins at 717 Molly Barr Road.
Payment via cash or check will be required at the time of pick up.
Stickers are free! You may use them on your bins.

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The completion of this order will start your participation in the curbside recycling program and sign you up for the City of Oxford Curbside Recycling Newsletter and/or holiday closings, if desired.

Curbside Recycling Zone Information

Curbside recycling for the City of Oxford is divided into four quadrants. Lamar Avenue and Jackson Avenue divide the city into the four recycling pickup zones. Use the map below to determine your particular zone. Either click one of the four shaded areas of the map to determine your pickup zone or enter your street address into the search field at the bottom right-hand corner of the map.
Curbside Recycling Zones