Milling crews will begin work on North 9th Street between Jefferson and Washington/Elm on Friday, November 18th. North 9th will be closed to through traffic during this time. Milling will continue on North 9th between University and Jefferson next week (November 21-23). Paving is expected to follow immediately behind the milling crews.

Tips for driving in the work zone:
  • Drivers need to be extremely alert and cautious until this work is complete. There will be large equipment and there will be limited sight distance in some areas. Don’t assume that a vehicle or equipment operator sees you.
  • Obey all signs and directions provided by flagman on site. Do not attempt to drive around a flagman until you are directed to do so.
  • Please drive slowly for your safety and for that of the people working.
  • The milled surface will be rough and may contain loose rocks. Keep a safe distance between yourself and vehicles in front of you.
  • Drivers are discouraged from driving in the black liquid “tar” that is sprayed in lines on the roadway until it has been covered with asphalt. This material is very sticky and messy. If you must cross it, drive slowly for some distance afterwards. Driving fast will cause the “tar” to spin off of your tires and onto your vehicle—much like driving through a mud-puddle slings mud all over the back of your car.
  • Drivers will be able to drive on the new asphalt soon after it is placed. It is preferred that vehicles stay off of the new pavement until it has been rolled down with the large rollers that follow behind the paver. There is usually only a few minutes delay between the two operations.

  • Special consideration for pedestrians/children/pets:
    The fresh asphalt surface will remain extremely hot for several hours after it is placed. Do not attempt to walk on it with bare feet or loose shoes that become stuck to the pavement. Keep pets off of the fresh asphalt until it has cooled to avoid burns to the pads of the their paws.