Cold Weather Preparedness

Freezing Weather and Water Service Information:

Everyone should leave a faucet running slowly (pencil-thin stream).
Moving water doesn’t freeze as easily. Even if your pipes are well protected, the water inside the actual meter can freeze leaving you without water.

Hot water heaters and sprinkler systems that are not located in a heated area can freeze.
This includes heaters that are in the attics or outside storage rooms and sprinklers located above a drop-down tile ceiling.

Know how to turn off your water supply outside the home/property before an emergency happens.
Being able to turn the water off in a few minutes can mean the difference between a minor clean-up job and being forced to move out of your home for months.  Have the proper tools on hand before you need them.

If you are not in town, please try to make arrangements for a friend/neighbor/landlord to prepare your apartment or home for the weather.
Turn on a stream of water and turn the heat back up. Last January, a number of students returned home from Christmas break to find their apartment or home flooded due to burst pipes.

It is important to take preventative action now to avoid being without water for some period of time.
City crews will be working as quickly as possible to repair all damage to lines maintained by the city. However, please remember that city maintenance does not extend past the water meter towards your home. There is nothing the city can do to thaw the meter or service line once it has frozen. Local plumbers will also be extremely busy and may not be able to immediately come to your home to make repairs.

Learn how to shut off your water in an emergency and other information about your water service.  From Oxford Utilities:
Download our Cold Weather and Water Service FAQ