Traffic Signal at Molly Barr and Old Price (OPD/Activity Center)

The signal at the intersection of Molly Barr and the old Price Drive (Oxford Police Department/Activity Center) will be placed in flash mode beginning Tuesday, December 20, 2016, in preparation for the complete removal of the signal.

The signal will flash yellow to all traffic on Molly Barr and will flash red to traffic leaving the Oxford Police Department/Pantry. Motorists on Molly Barr should use caution when driving through the intersection but will not be required to stop. Motorists leaving the Police Department must treat the area as a driveway and yield to all other traffic. The signal will flash for approximately a week before being completely taken out of operation. In the coming weeks, the signal will be relocated to the recently opened intersection of Molly Barr and (new) Price. Please use caution in the area as motorists become accustomed to the changes.