Mayors Report

The latest report from Mayor Patterson as presented at the Board of Aldermen meetings.

Report for March 4, 2014


Evening: This will be a brief report this evening because in Robert Lewis Stevens’ words, “The woods are beautiful, dark, and deep but we have miles to go before we sleep.

Report for January 22, 2014


ood afternoon. I enjoyed last week off and I appreciate Coach covering.

Report for November 5, 2013


ood evening…and welcome back from one of our long three week breaks.

Report for October 15, 2013


ood Evening,

It has been a busy two weeks and certainly a busy weekend. We were glad to host our friends form Texas A&M and I feel like, with the exception of parking, things went pretty well.

Report for September 3, 2013


ood Afternoon,
Welcome to our first 5:00 pm meeting. I know the staff is excited to make this work. We will watch how it is going and this board welcomes feedback from everyone.